what I understood from the article was how digital skills always focused more on the what and how while digital literacies focused more on the why, when, who, and for whom. Digital skills guides you on how to use the tool/ social media platform needed to be used, It more or less gives you the instructions on how to smoothly enjoy this tool without any complications. While digital literacies goes deeper than just using this tool, it makes you question if it is the correct time to use the tool and whether or not you should use it to express how you feel or state your arguments, it also helps you choose the right platform, at the right time, for the right content.

I believe that I am comfortable with most of the digital skills ( as the chart shows ) however I feel like I should work in the teaching & learning part since I’m only competent and not yet confident. Which is why I chose the taught path to help improve this area. After doing one about public presentations and how to improve them and make the nervousness go away, I was able to rethink after doing the quiz and watching the ted talks on how the body language and your voice matters. I learned that I also should use a lot of interesting visuals in my presentation but to never use bullet points ( they kill the presentation, hence their name ).

I choose both the presentation skills and smartphones. As I mentioned previously learning about how not to use bullet points was a huge surprise for me since I always used them, but I won’t from now on. secondly for the smartphones it was very interesting and I actually never knew the “G” in 3G/4G stands for Generation. After doing both quizzes I have to say I did learn a lot in both areas which I was actually already really interested and invested in.