I chose The Wheel of Life because after knowing more about it I actually do believe that it is very accurate. Most of the times people aren’t really balancing between the main segments written because at the time it does seem like they are lacking some conscious awareness. It is very commonly used by life coaches but it is often spread under other names such as the life balancing wheel, the coaching wheel, and the wheel of success, each of them aims to transform.

Being given this wheel and being brutally honest to yourself about the level of satisfaction you are facing in the current circumstances under those segment is sometimes not the easiest thing to do since you often do not know what you’re lacking best. When you are done by highlighting the numbers it shows you a more in depth view of your “balanced life”, or “not so balanced life.”

It looks very fun and simple, which makes it less stressful when you’re rating your satisfactions in your life. It can also be done without training, and when you notice those areas that need improvement that is when you work on them hard enough to get the happy “balanced” life.

I tried filling it in after reading more about it from the article and it made me realize that I’ve never sat and focused on what I could actually be lacking that is the reason for an unbalanced life. Improving the areas I am dissatisfied with to help myself live a happy life is not a bad idea after all :).