Soliya : I learned about how the platform was very well organized. We would access the website, go to our room number which was listed right beneath our names which would direct us to the zoom video call with everyone there. Other than that comments from other groups were visible on the website and you could know more about your group members and facilitators from the small introduction everyone wrote on their page the first day. I learned that there is a whole “non-shy” version of me that I haven’t yet discovered.

Soliya contd. : I also learned how to make sure that the person in front of you is mentally available to have any kind of conversation with you whether it is a face to face or online interaction. How I should also be open to feedbacks from others, I have to listen first and then respond. Listening and digesting the feedback you get is actually very healthy for you and for the people you’re interacting with. I should also understand diversity issues and take good care of people’s feelings and what you say. I should respect all religions and ethnic diversity. 

Slack : Slack was very new to me, I never knew something like it even existed. At first I was like why aren’t we just using WhatsApp, but then I realized how organized it was and easily accessible. Everything is broken down into different chat groups like : assignments, Soliya, class time, general, etc. Most of the people have a picture beside their name which made me recognize them more when they typed something on slack. I also love the idea of how it is made for educational purposes but it was a similar structure to WhatsApp and way more clearer. 

Google slides : I have used google slides multiple times before for presentations in other courses, but this was the first time to use it in order to create a game. Choosing the right template and linking the slides together after choosing the scenarios to put helped make the game look much more neat and fun to play even though its shedding light on a very sad yet important issue. I learned that I was a very fast learner when it came to any digital tool or something I already knew with an added feature. : The idea that it is just as simple as highlighting the text and annotating it was very interesting. Being able to look at other digital comments was very helpful as well. I think it is a very good idea to be able to have a free open conversation about digital documents that you share its interest with someone else. 

Tech & furniture in Class : I love how the physical class was very suitable to this course. We were mainly learning about digital media and the class had like three projectors on each side giving us all space to interact and participate in the different activities on the board. Also watching videos or reading off the slides was always very clear due to the number of digital boards. How we were able to write and draw with our fingers on the board was very soothing. The way we sat on the new comfortable chairs helped keep an openly flowing conversation with the whole class. None of my other classes had those chairs and that much digital boards.