I always knew how we are surrounded by technology everyday but this course made me more aware of it, how much it is included in our daily activities, and how much it affects us. I feel like this was more a self exploring course through digitals, teaching us more about the digital skills. The implicit tests were something I was very astonished with, that it could actually tackle real life problems and help people realize the main problem and work on it in order to fix it. The self development assignment really helped organize my thoughts and set my priorities straight 

If I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would use those 3 main things that really inspired me or helped change my perspective. 

The first thing would have to be Soliya. Soliya is an international exchange program that you helps you connect with different people around the world through digital devices. We gained more knowledge about each other’s cultures, backgrounds, interests, dislikes, etc. I did not feel like this was a connect program for an educational purpose, in fact I felt as if it was an opportunity to make new friends with very interesting backgrounds and get to know more about their cultures and how they feed me with more knowledge each meeting.

The second thing I’d show would have to be the digital game me and my partner created. I was astonished with the games we played at first and never knew it was that easy to make one to tackle such important issues. We chose to talk deeply about harassment in Egypt in order to shed a light on the countless harassments that Egyptian woman face daily. The main aim behind the game is  to make people understand what females experience in Egypt across different social classes and situations. Men or women that didn’t have to go through those situations will get to be in their shoes where they are required to make some hard choices in order to be safe.

The third thing would have to be the wheel of life. Getting to know more about the wheel of life actually made me believe in how accurate it is. It looks very fun and simple, which makes it less stressful when you’re rating your satisfactions in your life. It can also be done without training, and when you notice those areas that need improvement that is when you work on them hard enough to get the happy “balanced” life. It made me feel like we are focusing on our mental health / psychological side which was very interesting to me since I’m minoring in psychology.

If I would change something in this class it would definitely be its time, walking up at 8:30 everyday was a bit hard with such a mind opening course. I feel like the timing is the reason why I skipped some classes even though I really like this class since we learn something new everyday with a different activity everyday. One other thing I would change is how I feel like some of the classes should be taken outdoor in order to change our moods for the better. 

I feel like I would recommend this course to someone who is into digital literacies, someone who is willing to show up, be creative, and learn new stuff in a fun way two times a week but at 8:30 am.