I feel like this was a very new experience to me, the online communications I do never go that deep they are usually only by text and not by video like Soliya. In soliya I feel like we me and my group were able to communicate better by the second meeting after breaking the ice in the first. We gained more knowledge about each other’s cultures, backgrounds, interests, dislikes, etc. I did not feel like this was a connect program for an educational purpose, in fact I felt as if it was an opportunity to make new friends with very interesting backgrounds and get to know more about their cultures and how they feed me with more knowledge each meeting. 

I learned how the world has changed ever since technological advances have been made. I consume media daily through my phone, laptop, television, etc. It is very interesting how I got to meet people from different countries all around the world online, how I got to see them, interact with them, sharing my content with them and consuming the content they offered back. This was going to be very hard doing it face to face, almost impossible since many of us are from different continents and not just countries around the world. 

You should also make sure that the person in front of you is mentally available to have any kind of conversation with you whether it is a face to face or online interaction. You should also be open to feedbacks from others, you have to listen first and then respond. Listening and digesting the feedback you get is actually very healthy for you and for the people you’re interacting with. You should also understand diversity issues and take good care of people’s feelings and what you say. You should respect all religions and ethnic diversity.